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Apple Island 45' Yacht
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Apple Island 24' Mini Trawler
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Construction to Launch
Apple Island Commercial Fishing Vessels
Apple Island built many commercial fishing vessels in a variety of sizes.
In the spring of 2006, Apple Island launched the "Selina Mary", the largest infusion built hull east of Vancouver, Canada.
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Apple Island Extreme Rebuilds
Click here to view Apple Island's most recent project, the APPLE ISLAND 45 Trawler Yacht.

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Apple Island Restoration of a 1959 Fishing Boat
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with Apple Island built vessel
"Caitlin and Boys"

Apple Island Marine

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Apple Island Marine Boatbuilding and Repair is closed.

Apple Island Marine built strong, safe, quality boats from  1999 to 2009.

It was a pleasure serving all our customers.

Thank you for your business.